Snow Removal

We provide snow removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Want to make sure your driveway, sidewalk or parking lot is cleared as quickly as possible once it snows? Schedule us to take care of snow removal before it snows.

Snow Plow

Our crew is equipped with 2 plows, a truck-mounted chemical spreader, skidsteer, snow blowers, and shovels.

Equipment                                                                   Hourly Rate
Plow truck                                                                            $100
Skidsteer                                                                               $90
Snow blower                                                                          $65
Shoveler                                                                                $50

Material                                                                               Cost
Rock salt (50# bag)                                                               $15
Magnesium Chloride (50# bag)                                             $30

Snow removal and snow and ice management is billed hourly, plus the price of any ice melt and rock salt used. Price per storm varies due to depth of snow and severity of ice.

Call or text Thomas at 540-293-4102 to schedule snow removal services, get an estimate or to check our availability during a snow storm.